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Can You Really Reverse Diabetes? Is the New DIABETES CURE For Real?

Recently medical scientists at the Cleveland Clinic discovered the root cause of diabetes. Armed with this exciting new information they were able to reverse diabetes in 78% of their diabetic patients!

This Proves that We Finally Have a Diabetes Cure!

ďA simple cure is possible for everyone with type 2 Diabetes.Ē
- John MCDougall, MD

 ďGot Diabetes? Get rid of it!Ē
- Dean Ornish, MD

The good news about type 2 diabetes is that many
cases can be put into complete remission.
- Andrew Weil, MD

So why havenít you heard about this exciting breakthrough from your doctor? Good question. Why isnít the media broadcasting the good news? Why hasnít the White House said something?

The Medical Establishment is Keeping
the Diabetes Cure a Deep, Dark Secret.

Why would they do such a thing? Why would they keep such vital, life-saving information from the people who need it the most Ė the diabetics?

I wish I didnít have to say this but to say anything else would be a lie. Over the next decade as the diabetes epidemic grows the medical establishment expects to make over three trillion dollars treating diabetes with their highly-profitable diabetes drugs.  

The Emerging Diabetes Epidemic Will be the Most
Profitable Business Opportunity is All of Human History!

Thatís a lot of money Ė and itís created a huge conspiracy of silence!  

-       The Media - The news media wonít say a word because theyíre too dependent on TV advertising money they get from the drug industry.

-       The Politicians - They canít say anything because both political parties receive massive campaign contributions from the drug industry.

-       Physicians - Doctors wonít mention the diabetes cure because theyíre too busy making enormous profits treating diabetes.  

Tens of Millions of Innocent People are Suffering and Dying
Needlessly, Sacrificed on the Altar of Almighty Profit!

Let me make one thing very clear. Most doctors are nice people who sincerely want to help their patients. Problem is - the health insurance companies only pay doctors to prescribe more and more drugs.  

More tests, more hospital visits and more and more diabetes drugs. Thatís the only way they can get paid under our present disease-care system.

The Insurance Payment System is the Problem Ė Not the Doctors!

Truth is, the doctors donít like the payment system at all. Itís not really your doctorís fault they donít know about the natural diabetes cure. The drug industry is spending billions to make sure the medical research journals the doctors read never mention anything about a diabetes cure. (The drug industry owns half the medical journals so they can easily control what the doctors read.)

FACT: The drug industry employs more lobbyists and more prostitutes in Washington than any other group. Thatís why the U.S. drug industry is the single most profitable industry in the world!

In short, if the doctors were to use this new diabetes cure, it would completely destroy a three trillion dollar industry!

Besides, why would a doctor want to cure your Diabetes when they stand to make trillions of dollars treating it? In fact, today the average diabetic will spend over $300,000 on treatment between their diagnosis and death!  



Providing a Diabetes Cure Would Be Like Killing the Goose Who Lays the Golden Eggs!

In fact, under our horribly corrupt medical system doctors are bribed to prescribe one drug companies drugs over anotherís. The drug industry bribes doctors with big screen TVs, cars, consumer electronics and even vacation trips to exotic locations like Hawaii, Tahiti and even Fiji. Itís a common practice in the industry Ė but your doctor will never breathe a word about it to you.

The medical system wants to keep you under their thumb, completely dependent on them and their diabetes drugs. The more dependent and powerless you are Ė the more money they can extract from you. They want you to feel as though youíre a victim of your disease and they and they alone are your only hope.

These Days Our Doctors Arenít Healers Ė Theyíre Dealers!
Theyíve Become highly Trained, Highly Paid Drug Pushers!

The sad truth is Ė our greedy American health care system (which is actually a disease care system) isn't interested in a cure for diabetes. Instead it embraces diabetes and does all it can to fully exploit diabetes for maximum profit.

The Medical Establishment Has
Absolutely No Interest in a Diabetes Cure!

FACT: According to government figures during the next decade over 70 million Americans will be diagnosed with diabetes. Donít become yet another statistic, another sad victim of the diabetes epidemic Ė an epidemic that never should have occurred in the first place.

You Can Cure Diabetes and You Can Prevent Diabetes!

Iím not being paid off or influenced by anyone. My only concern is your health. My goal is to empower you with the scientifically proven facts you need to take control of your Diabetes and get your life back.   

Let me explainÖ

Hundreds of scientific studies have proven that Diabetes is a curable disorder! Thousands have used this information to cure their Diabetes and many others have used it to prevent diabetes by dramatically reducing their diabetes risk.

The New Diabetes Cure Industry

Today thanks to this breakthrough information, thereís a new Diabetes cure industry emerging. Out west there are new diabetes cure centers in operation that will provide you with the information and medical monitoring you need to reverse diabetes.

Unfortunately no health insurance company will pay for this kind of diabetes cure. And none of the government health plans will either. So if you can afford to spend the $30,000 they charge, I would advise you to hop on the next plane and get into one of these new programs. If you can afford the cost - it's a real bargain!

But if you havenít got $30,000 to spend, I can help.

Even though this new information could save the lives of millions, stop the Diabetes epidemic dead in itís tracks and reduce the suffering of millions more, it will remain a deep, dark secret because our corrupt medical system steadfastly refuses to pay doctors to cure or prevent diabetes.   

ďBut My Doctor Says There is No Diabetes Cure!Ē

In a way your doctor is right. None of the drugs the doctors have can cure diabetes. They only suppress the symptoms which leaves the underlying disease process to fester and worsen. The result is Ė you get sicker and sicker while they get richer and richer.   

Itís a Proven Scientific Fact:

None of the Diabetic Drugs Used to Manage Diabetes Do Anything to
Reverse the Underlying Cause of the Disease. Absolutely Nothing!

Doctors say that no one knows what causes Diabetes. What they should say is that THEY donít know what causes diabetes! Managing Diabetes with drugs is by far the most financially profitable approach. Thatís why they go on ignoring the research that proves that diabetes can be cured.

Diabetes is Not Caused by a Drug Deficiency!

Thereís No Money in Cures! Thereís No Money in Prevention!
The Big Bucks are in the Management of Diabetes
Using Drugs, Drugs, Drugs and More Drugs!

Why would you take their overpriced and dangerous drugs when your doctor openly admits he canít cure diabetes, doesnít know what causes it and doesnít even have an effective treatment? It makes no sense!

The Scientists Know that You Can Reverse Diabetes
- by Using a Natural, Holistic Approach!

Finally Some Good News About Diabetes:

The very best news is that we now know that the human body is designed to heal itself Ė if given half a chance. The bodyís capacity to heal is truly amazing!   

Until You Address the Root Cause of Diabetes
- Youíll Continue to Suffer!

By following four simple yet powerful steps you can jump-start your bodyís healing process and see real results in as little as two or three days! And once your bodyís healing process shifts into high gear, youíll feel better than you have in years!

Youíll have energy to burn, your memory will improve, youíll lose weight more easily than ever before and as a bonus, youíll regain your ability to enjoy sex again Ė just like it was years ago!  

Youíll Be Restoring Your Natural State of Excellent Health!

Youíve got to protect yourself! Diabetes is a ticking time bomb that will eventually cause a host of terrible complications including:

Blindness Ė Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness because it damages the tiny blood vessels in the back of the eye.

Heart Attack/Stroke Ė Diabetes also damages the arteries of the heart and brain which dramatically increases your risk of a deadly heart attack or stroke.

Kidney Failure Ė When diabetes destroys your kidneys, youíre forced into either kidney dialysis or kidney transplant surgery.

Alzheimerís disease Ė Diabetics doubles your risk of Alzheimerís disease. Alzheimerís disease is the single most feared disease in the world.

Foot and Leg Amputation Ė Due to a loss of circulation to the feet and legs, diabetics often have to have their toes, feet or even entire legs amputated.

Premature Death Ė The average diabetic dies 10 to 15 years before their time from either a heart attack or a stroke. This is how over 80% of diabetic perish.

Perhaps now you can see why itís so important to use this new diabetes cure before the complications of diabetes set in. Remember, the diabetes drugs the doctors give you do little or nothing to stop the development of these painful complications.

WARNING: Diabetes Drugs Are Dangerous (and Ineffective)

Doctors will tell you that the best approach to treating diabetes is to take several different kinds of diabetes drugs that will work together to reduce the level of sugar in your blood. This sounds like wise advice.

The trouble is Ė many diabetes drugs do more harm than good! Scientific studies have found that the more diabetes drugs you take, the more deadly heart attacks and strokes you suffer!

Diabetic Drugs Do NOT Cure Diabetes!

If you rely on the diabetes drugs most doctors prescribe Ė your risk of eventually experiencing the terrible complications of diabetes is virtually 100%! Itís not a matter of IF youíll go blind, have your feet amputated of die of kidney failure Ė itís more a matter of WHEN!

Donít Bet Your Life on Diabetic Drugs Ė Itís a BAD BET!

Most diabetics who take diabetes drugs get sicker and sicker the more drugs they take. Virtually all of them end up suffering terribly from the crippling complications of the disease.

Diabetes Drugs Will NOT Protect You Against
the Development of Diabetic Complications!

Diabetes drugs donít work! They do nothing to heal diabetes and despite what your doctor tells you, the research proves that diabetes drugs do virtually nothing to protect you against the terrible complications diabetes causes.

Diabetes drugs only suppress the symptoms of Diabetes and do nothing to fix the underlying disease. Itís like taking an aspirin for a headache. Did you think the aspirin will fix the real source of the pain?

Donít Get Sucked Into the Diabetes Drug Trap!

Diabetes Drugs Should be a Last Resort, Not a First Line Treatment.

Insulin is Fattening!

Hereís something else your doctor will probably forget to mention. Itís a well-established medical fact that Insulin stimulates hunger. So if youíre an overweight diabetic Ė the last thing you need is to gain more weight.

By using insulin you put yourself on the fast track to massive, rapid weight gain! The more insulin you use the hungrier you get, the hungrier you get the more weight you gain and the sicker you become. Itís a sad fact that most diabetics rapidly gain 20 or more pounds after they start using insulin.   

Drugs Can Cause Diabetes!

Some medications can actually make you diabetic! I know that sounds crazy but a huge study called the Womenís Health Initiative Study found that non-diabetic women who took statin drugs were twice as likely to develop diabetes as other women! Thatís a doubling of the risk of Diabetes!

The ACCORD study found that diabetes drug users were 2.5 to 3 times more likely to die! The study was quickly halted to avoid any further deaths!

The ďmiracleĒ diabetes drug Avandia increased heart attack risk 40%, heart failure risk 60% and overall death rate a whopping 30%! We can only guess how many people this one drug killed before the government finally banned itís use.

The New England Journal of Medicine published a study that found that Avandia increased heart attack risk Ė even in younger patients! How did such a dangerous drugs ever get approved?

The New York Times reported that the makers of Avandia spent 14 years trying to cover up the drugs lethal side effects. They were too focused on the billions they could make from itís sale to worry about such trivial matters as peopleís lives!

They make a lot of money and we pay the price with our very lives. Itís a wonderful system we have, isnít it?

So hereís the big question:

Why Would You Use Potentially Deadly Drugs When
 a Safer and More Natural Approach is Available?

Now thereís an inexpensive way to get all the hushed-up information you need to cure or prevent diabetes. In my special new report ďDiabetes Cure in 7 Days!Ē I give you everything you need to know to reverse diabetes. 

Iím not offering you some ďmiracle cureĒ herb or vitamin pill. Instead what Iím offering you are the proven facts discovered by some of the most respected research universities in the world. This information has been scientifically proven and confirmed by scores of follow-up studies.

Diabetes CAN Be Effectively Cured and Prevented!

Even if youíve had your diabetes for ages, there is now a diabetes cure. Even if diabetes runs in your family, you can prevent it. This is the natural solution to the diabetes epidemic. Why would you want to spend the rest of your life struggling with this feared disease Ė when you donít have to?

 At last Ė a Unique Step-by-Step Diabetes Cure Guide!

In my guide Iíll show you the EXACT cause of type 2 diabetes. Youíll be shocked and delighted when you see how simple this disease truly is. Iíve worked hard to make this information easy to both understand and use.

Iíll show you the proven facts behind the myths, and clear away the confusion that surrounds the whole subject of diabetes. Youíll be among the very first to have this potentially life-saving information.

Youíll Know More About the Natural Healing of Diabetes
Than Your Friends, Your Family and Even Your Own Doctor!

If you have diabetes or are risk of being diagnosed with the disease, itís very important that you act now Ė before itís too late. If you donít act now to take control, diabetes will torture you for the rest of your life!

ďDiabetes is virtually 100% curable
without drugs or insulin.Ē
- Joseph Mercola, MD

Imagine how good youíll feel when you can throw away all those expensive drugs, those nasty needles and toss your blood sugar monitor in the trash. No more worrying about blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, strokes and foot pain.

Now you can prevent or reverse diabetes by eating many of your favorite foods - the foods you love! Forget the bland, tasteless low-fat diet the doctors all recommend. No one can enjoy boring food like that!

This natural solution to diabetes is easy, holistic, drug-free, scientifically proven and inexpensive. It can, quickly bring your blood sugar back into the normal range and at the same time drastically reduce your risk of ever suffering the many terrible complications diabetes routinely causes.

ďDiabetes Can Be Easily Cured. It Takes About a Week!Ē
- Robert H. Lustig MD, University of California Professor

My eBook is a step-by-step guide that will open your eyes to options you never knew existed, options your doctor will never mention. Once you discover them it will forever change how you view the disease of diabetes. And youíll be able to use this vital information to escape the deadly diabetes drug trap.

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ŗ Diabetes Cure

This information is so powerful, you could be diabetes free in as little as 7 days! Get off those dangerous and expensive diabetic drugs. Throw away those needles. Stop pricking your fingers day after day.

My Guide is Based on Four Simple Steps that Can Quickly
and Easily Reverse the Root Cause of Your Diabetes.

Hereís just a sample of what youíll discover through my guide:

-       The single worst food for diabetics Ė itís so dangerous it can quickly cause diabetes in non-diabetics! In the U.S. 8.8% of our population is diabetic. In the one country that consumes the most of this diabetes causing food the diabetes rate leads the world at an astounding 38.8%!  

A German study proved that by adding one tasty diabetes-fighting food to your diet you can eat your way out of diabetes! Blood sugar levels will quickly return to the normal range. You can bet your life that the drug companies donít want you to find out about this!

Despite what your doctor may tell you, you CAN rebuild your worn-out pancreas. Now you can restore the insulin-producing cells within your pancreas back to youthful full output.

You will lose weight much more easily than ever before when you discover the real reason why you eat too much. I promise you, unless youíre a research biochemist youíve never seen this information before! 

 You CAN reverse years even decades of damage to your eyes,
your feet, your heart and your entire body.

You get it all in one incredible, information-packed guide. As you discover the truth about diabetes youíll feel your fears fading away. Theyíll be replaced with a new sense of confidence and hope for the future!

My guide is an astonishing value. How much are you spending on diabetes drugs? For the cost of a dinner at Dennyís you can reverse diabetes - and cure it once and for all!

You CAN Have a Second Chance at Life!

You can have all this and more right at your fingertips - in three minutes from now. My guide is an eBook thatís downloaded from Payloadz the safest and most secure online download service.

The guide is in the popular PDF format which can be easily read and printed out from any Windows PC, Apple or tablet system. You can pay with your Paypal account, use any popular credit card or pay by check. Itís your choice.

Get the Proven Facts on Diabetes, Order Now Ė Diabetes Cure in 7 Days!



My accountant thinks I should charge $75 or more for my guide. While my attorney insists the information it contains is priceless. He feels that since it took me over four years to assemble, I should charge much, much more.

I disagree. The regular price for my guide will be $47.00 but if you buy now during this special introductory period you can have it all for only $27.00!

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If my guide isnít everything Iíve promised, just ask and youíll get your money back without any hassle. If youíre not satisfied, Iím not satisfied! Everything Iíve promised above is fully supported by scientifically-proven facts and Iím sure youíll agree once youíve scanned my report. With this guarantee I take all the risk out of getting my guide. You risk absolutely nothing!


I wish you good health,



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P.S. Your future health is now in your hands. What are you doing to do? Are you going to take charge of your health and free yourself from the terrible pain of diabetes, or will you just go on hoping for the best?

P.P.S. Betting your life on diabetes drugs is a bad bet! Chances are youíll end up suffering terribly like all the rest. And then you die 10 to 15 years before your time.

P.P.S. With my money back guarantee you risk nothing so why wait and gamble your future health and life itself? Reverse diabetes now!


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