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Updated: July 11, 2014

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FACT - Of all the many chronic disease we Americans suffer from type II diabetes is the single most easily cured disease!  

I've been carefully studying diabetes research for over 15 years and have been shocked by two things.

First I've been amazed at the progress that's been made. Medical researchers have not only discovered the exact cause of type II diabetes but have made major breakthroughs in many other areas that promise to provide us with newer, much safer ways to prevent or cure the many complications that Diabetes usually causes. 

Unfortunately very little if any of this exciting news is getting through to your doctor. In their never ending quest for ever higher profits, the drug companies are making sure diabetics stay completely dependent on prescription drugs and avoid revealing healing treatment options that might reduce demand for their highly-profitable diabetes drugs.

Research findings that don't involve expensive drugs are often buried and forgotten. New studies aren't funded unless they in some way promote the sale of drugs. And when breakthrough discoveries are made that might reverse or even cure diabetes - the forces of greed go on the attack.

Ask any doctor and they will happily tell you that type II diabetes is an incurable disease. This is a lie!

According to the very latest research type II diabetes is now considered a largely reversible condition despite what your doctor may tell you. In most cases your body's ability to metabolize sugar can be significantly restored or completely healed.

When you're aware of this amazing new information, you'll be so far ahead of the curve, you'll probably know more than your friends, neighbors and even your doctor!

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